Dining Club

Introducing the NEW Dining Club - The Best Way for You and Your Family to Enjoy the Full Back Creek Experience
- ONLY $39 a MONTH -

As a Dining Club member you receive:

  • 50% discount on dine-in meals for the entire household including children under 17
  • 15% discount on carry-out orders
  • 20% off food for your private event hosted at our club (Showers, Rehearsal Dinners, Weddings)
  • 15% off public event reservations (Beer and Wine Dinner Pairings, Easter Brunch, Mother's Day Brunch, Thanksgiving, Catering, New Years Eve, etc.)¬†

Your dining club membership is renewable on a month-to-month basis and requires very little commitment; all we ask is a 30 day advance notice. Bring your family to the club this weekend and try out the awesome Back Creek Dining experience! (Your Dining Club Membership is valid Sunday through Thursday - all day and Friday and Saturday until 5PM)

Join Today in the Pro Shop or by calling (302) 378 - 6499!

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