Dining Club

50% Off The Menu
Discounts on Club Functions & Preferred Pricing on Events

Introducing the NEW Dining Club - The Best Way for You and Your Family
to Enjoy the Full Back Creek Experience
- ONLY $39 a MONTH -

Dining Club will be the following benefits:
50% off dine-in meals for the Member and their household (spouse and any children 17 years of age and younger)*
20% off food purchased as part of private parties or group reservations**
15% off food purchased as part of attending public events and limited menu events (Mother’s Day, Easter Brunch, etc.)
15% off to-go orders

*Benefit does not apply to Friday or Saturday after 5pm.
**Benefit is non-transferrable to split checks.

Your dining club membership is renewable on a month-to-month basis and requires very little commitment; all we ask is a 30 day advance notice. Bring your family to the club this weekend and try out the awesome Back Creek Dining experience!

Join Today in the Pro Shop or by calling (302) 378 - 6499!

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